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Most of the video editors make their videos look professional with the help of effects; for professionality, capcut effects have been introduced by the capcut to give premium benefits to video editors for free. It will make the video look eye-catching without vanishing the graphic quality and texture of texts used within the video. With the help of these effects, we can make our content eye-catching without letting our viewers be bored.

The capcut effects are significantly advanced because they have special effects for voice separately, and for video and body, they have different effects. So let dig into this topic.

CapCut Effects

The main thing in video editing is the effects that will increase the exciting things in the video. So capcut has introduced two main features in the effects.

  • CapCut Voice Effects
  • CapCut Video and body effects.

These two effects play separate roles in helping video editors make different voice effects like whistling, taking a photo, victory, and many more. 

Similarly, video and body effects help editors apply neon animation effects to their characters, trending on different social platforms. Let’s discuss them in-depth.

CapCut Voice Effects ( Audio Effects)

Most of the time, there are different scenarios in the video in which we will have to add various audio effects to make viewers able to understand the interior feelings of the scenes shown in the video with the help of listening. The following audio effects are given below:


As in video editing, if we have a scenario in which the character is performing something to the viewers, we will use the performance effects. 

In performance effects, we can use

  • Cheering and applauding effects for showing the appreciation of performance in the video.
  • Victory effects show winning moments.
  • After the character takes a photo effect to show the press release.
  • Whistling, applauding, wow, and clapping effects to show happiness.
  • Heartbeat effects show the pressure on the character while acting.


Sometimes while editing, the comedy scenes will be performed to use laughing effects. Following are some laughing effects that will help us make our visitors happy.

  • Middle age man laughing effects 
  • Baby laughter
  • Evil laugh 
  • Women laugh 
  • Girl’s giggle and many more laughing effects.


We will add the fictional fight effects for thrilling scenes to make them more attractive. Capcut effects introduce the fight sounds given below:

  • Gunshot effects
  • Punch sound
  • Fight scene
  • Swords cling sounds
  • Fighting background sounds and many more.


Easting sound effects help the viewers understand that the characters are eating something crispy or hot. The following sounds can be used in the video:

  • Drinking water
  • Eating potato chips sound effect
  • Deep-frying
  • Eating watermelon
  • Opening can of pop
  • Frying an egg
  • Soda bubble and many other sound effects.


In the scenes in which we show our character in the forests or the garden, we will use capcut animals sound effects to give a real sense to the viewers. Following are the animal sound effects that we can use during video editing:

  • Birds chirping sound effects
  • Insects chirping
  • Eagle 
  • Insect flapping wings
  • Dog barking 
  • Dolphin sound effects 
  • Lion roars
  • Cat and many more animals sound effects.


Some scenes will be given in which our character will be walking on the roads; for making a natural sense in the scenes, we will add capcut traffic sound effects, which are given below:

  • Bike bell sound effect
  • Siren
  • Helicopter 
  • Car door
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Motorcycle starting engine 
  • Train passing and many more sound effects.


BGM is a short abbreviation used for representing background sound effects. Some events or emotional scenes will be made natural by adding these background sound effects in the video.

Following bgms sound effects have been provided by capcut:

  • Happy birthday bgm effects.
  • Emotional background effects.
  • Happy ditty.
  • Romanticism.
  • Happy melody and many other bgm sound effects.

Musical Instrument

The musical instrument sounds also plays important role while doing the editing of videos. The sound of drinking water, glass clinking are some of the sounds which are used most commonly. Some of the top musical instrument effect sound are given below:

  • Eating potato chips sounds.
  • Deep-frying.
  • Eating watermelon.
  • Frying an egg.
  • Soda bubbles sound effects.
  • Boiling food.

CapCut Video And Body Effects

Till now, we have discussed the listening sound effects which we add in the video. Now we will discuss the visual effects we apply to our characters.

We can apply visual effects either to the background of our character, which is known as video effects or to the character’s body, known as body effects.

CapCut Video Effects

These video effects help us make our background effects according to the scenes to grab more attraction from the viewers. Also, these effects make the graphic quality of the video better by adding different party, snow effects.


The primary video effects by capcut are primarily used in daily video editing tasks. It contains the following video effects:

  • Motion blur
  • Mirror
  • Camera focus effects
  • Zoom lens
  • Camera Shake video effects
  • Pixel blur
  • Slow zoom
  • Spotlight and many other basic video effects.

Bling video effects will make the blinking effects just like stars blinking. Following are the blinking effects we can use in capcut apk:

  • Shining sparkles
  • Retro diamonds
  • Stars
  • Moonlight blinking effects
  • Milky way
  • Star rain
  • Galaxy 
  • Twinkle 
  • Starry night and many more blinking video effects.

We can use party video effects to make functions and party events effects on our videos. Following are the sub-features effects:

  • Flashing frame party effect
  • Neon swing
  • Ripples
  • Club mood
  • Neon outline
  • Club lights and many more party video effects.

Nature video editing effects help us to enhance the greenery in the videos. Following are the nature effects:

  • Frost nature effect
  • Fire
  • Steam
  • Smog
  • Fog
  • Lightning
  • Sun
  • Rain and many more natural effects.

CapCut Body Effects

For doing effects on the body, we will use these effects, making them more attractive. These effects can be applied to the body’s surroundings, head, and hands—some of the body effects discussed in detail beneath.


This body effect will help us apply the effects on the entire character at one click. Following are the effects:

  • Thermal aurora body effect
  • Sinking
  • Scattering frame
  • Fembot
  • Angel

For making the body effects on the character’s surroundings, we will use it. Following are the surrounding effects:

  • Enveloping lightning surrounding effects
  • Hurricane 
  • Gas waves
  • Fire fly
  • Firework
  • Mechanical and many more surrounding body effects.

This headwear effect will specify the effects to the character head only. Following are the headwear effects by capcut:

  • Ghost rider headwear effect
  • Electro-Head
  • Hovering hat
  • Christmas hats and many more.

We can use the hand’s body effects to apply effects specifically to the character’s hands without applying them to the whole body. Following are the effects included by the capcut in the hand effects:

  • Musical notes hand effect
  • Shape trails
  • Star trails
  • Flame trails and many more.

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Effects help give a professional look to the videos, which is one of the main features used by most video editors. Capcut effects also allow the video editors to have vast sub-features like providing different sound effects, videos, and body effects, which helps make the video look professional and give a natural feeling to other scenes. Capcut mod apk will be helpful to do these activites. In this article, we tried to discuss capcut effects, including capcut audio effects, video effects, and body effects, in detail while discussing the use of these features. We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to understand which effect will be used while doing the video editing.

In addition to learn more about the capcut effects, we have discussed sub topic name as capcut 3d zoom effects, so in order to make your knowledge professional visit it.

For more effects like audio effects or video, you can follow playstore for android and applestore for ios.

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