CapCut Anime Filter ( Edit Photo To An Anime)

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You have seen many trends in which people use their photos which have been converted to anime. Anime is a short word that has been derived from animation. In it, the images were converted to hand-drawn sketches. In addition, capcut anime filters have been introduced, which helps us to edit our photos to anime.

Most of the users don’t know how to make anime or how to convert photos to anime. So here, we will discuss every step to enable you to turn yourself into anime using capcut anime filter by following simple steps. 

Many different applications enable you to do this anime work using your mobile phones. Still, the most effective app among these, in terms of graphics quality and realism, I found CapCut more professional. 

CapCut Anime Filter (Turn Yourself Into Anime)

As you are using capcut, you must install it to enable yourself to use the anime filter. Following are the steps which by following enable us to do how to make anime edits on android, how to add anime characters on photos, how to make anime face, how to edit anime pictures, and a lot more things to do with our pictures.

capcut anime filters
capcut anime filters

Add A Project

After installing capcut, you will see an interface, which will ask you to add a project. Just click it, and it will ask permission to access your files. After giving consent, you will see two tabs, one will show videos, and the other will display images. For example, we want to edit our photo to turn ourselves into an anime or cartoon; select the photo by clicking the image section and the add button. Thus you will see your picture with a lot of editing features showing beneath it.

capcut anime filter project
uploading capcut anime filter project


From here, we will start the editing of our photo. By clicking the edit feature, you will see further sub-features. The part which will help us in anime photo making is “Style.” Thus, we are one step closer to answer that how to make anime edits by going to “Style” feature of capcut.

editing capcut anime filter


As we go to style features, a lot of Capcut anime filters will appear, which have been discussed below:

capcut anime filters style


“Anime” is the primary filter through which we can convert our image to anime. By clicking this anime filter, capcut will start processing, and by completion, boom! Our photo will be turned into an anime. So here is the answer of how to make an anime using capcut by going to edit option, than to style option, and thus we will see anime feature, so simple click it and thus we will turn a photo into anime.

capcut anime filters


A sketch is also counted in anime, so by clicking the “sketch,” CapCut will process it and show our photo to be sketched by pencil.

sketch anime filter of capcut


“Cartoon” is also known as cartoon anime style. So as we click this cartoon feature, CapCut will make our photo into cartoon anime.

cartoon anime filter of capcut

3D Cartoon

“3D Cartoon” is an advanced anime feature through which our photo will be converted to a 3d cartoon or anime. The process is the same; select it, and our image will convert to 2d cartoon anime. For 3d zoom effects visit here.

3D cartoon anime filter of capcut

Game Cartoon

For converting our photos to game cartoon anime, there is a filter offered by Capcut; just select and we will get our image converted to game anime or cartoon.

game cartoon anime filter of capcut

Classic Cartoon

If older people’s photos are converted to anime, this classic cartoon feature will help us turn their photos into cartoons or animes.

classic cartoon anime filter of capcut

Baby Face

For fun, we can animate our photos by using baby face anime filters. It will make our face turn into a baby.

baby face anime filter of capcut

How To Export Anime

The anime photo filters have been applied, so now we will export them to our mobile file. For it first, I will clear it that we can’t export photos directly from CapCut as it is a video editing app, so for it, we will take the following steps;

  1. Make the anime photo enlarge.
  2. Then take a screenshot.
  3. After that, the anime will be saved in our gallery.
  4. Now crop it, and thus you will get your anime photo.

For learning how to use and edit on capcut, visit here and for downloading capcut mod apk, visit here.

Also the advance feature name as capcut templates have been introduced by capcut, which is ready made edited frames with specific time with all the anime features applied already, all we have to do is just insert our photos in it and boom! our video will be edited like a professional.


To use CapCut Anime filters, editors need proper guidance to use it properly. So here we introduce everything about anime filters, how to use anime photo filters, how to turn your photos into anime, how to make anime edits on android, and how to export it to your gallery, from basic to advanced. I hope you will get the idea of using these filters using your mobile phones, but if you still have queries regarding anime, I will be happy to answer all your questions. For downloading capcut mod apk for pc and windows, visit here. Thanks.

For detail discussion about filters you can visit capcut filter.

For more queries and information, visit here.

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