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The premium features of capcut include the turning of a photo into 3d. The most used effect for which capcut has been the favorite among video editors is its 3d effects and 3d zoom effects. Capcut 3d zoom makes your 2d photo to 3d with zoom effects, while capcut 3d effects match the best possible 3d effect and convert it to 3d from 2d.

Capcut has many premia unlocked free features, but introducing the capcut 3d effects with addition of 3d zoom effects makes it more favorite among video editors. This article will help you explain how to apply these 3d effects and 3d zoom on videos using capcut.

In addition I will want to say that capcut 3d effects is a sub part of capcut effects. So for general overview follow it.

CapCut 3D Effects

The most advanced feature used by most social influencers to viral their videos is the capcut 3d effects, which help them to convert all their photos from 2d to 3d with just a simple one click. 

Capcut 3d effects include 3D cartoon, zoom, and zoom pro effects. These effects can be used by simply following easy steps which is discussed below.

3D Cartoon Effects

For converting our 2d photos to 3d with addition to converting our character to cartoon, we use the capcut 3d cartoon effect. For applying this effect, we will follow the main steps mentioned below:

  1. After opening the capcut, we will see an interface to add our project. Click on the project, open the photos tab, and select the pictures you want to turn into a 3d cartoon character.
  2. After importing your images, click on the edit tab, open the style feature.
  3. There will be an option named 3d cartoon. Select that, and thus our pictures will be converted to 3d cartoon characters.
capcut 3d cartoon zoom effects
CapCut 3D Cartoon Effects

3D Zoom Effects

The conversion of 2d photos to 3d with the addition of zoom effects has been introduced by capcut. This capcut 3d zoom effect is the most viral feature used by many people.

This 3d zoom effect will make our photo background zoom in at the start. As we start the video, the photo background will be zoomed out such that it will be looking 3d. However, the character in the photo will remain static. 

For applying 3d zoom effects, we will follow a few steps, which have been mentioned below.

  1. Open the project and select the photos to be edited.
  2. Open the edit option and then style features.
  3. Now select the 3d zoom option, and thus our image will be converted from 2d to 3d with zoom effect.

3D Zoom Pro Effects

After the successful discussion of 3d zoom effects, capcut 3d zoom pro effects have been introduced, which is the most used feature nowadays.

It makes the character zoom in, and the background zooms out at the start of the video. With time it zooms out the character and zooms in the background. Through this, we feel the 3d zoom pro effect.

For applying this 3d zoom pro effects, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the project, select the photos converted to 3d zoom pro, and import it.
  2. After importing, open the edit feature, then the style sub-feature.
  3. There will be a capcut 3d zoom pro effect in style, select, and thus this effect will be applied.

How To Download

In order to download the edited video, at the top right corner, there will be download symbol. With the download symbol, there the quality in which we want to download our video will be mentioned.

The best video quality is 1080HD, so select this option. Then click the download symbol and thus we will be able to download our video in our device.

For ready made templates name as capcut templates, where you can find all the effects pre applied. All you will have to do is just import the video or images, and the editing will be done automatically according to the template. If you want to learn how to download as well as use these templates visit the capcut templates.


Capcut 3D zoom effects are trending nowadays on social media, and most people like it.

I feel to guide all of the viewers about how to use capcut 3d zoom effects, capcut 3d cartoon effects, and capcut 3d zoom pro effects.

After reading this article, I hope all of you will understand how important are these 3d zoom and 3d zoom pro effects, how it turns our photos into 3d from 2d professionally.

For more you can follow playstore for android and applestore for ios.

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